German Big 4 Goes Legal Tech


Our client is one of Germany’s Big 4 legal consulting firms.

In 2018, our client decided to use its naturally given capacities as a cross-functional, cross-sectoral consulting company to improve its own and its client´s legal processes.

Finding the pioneer personality:

The challenge of finding the best fit is most obviously the lack of a “role model”. Never before has digitization along with all its subtypes and tools (artificial intelligence / automated contract management / legal design thinking, you name it) transfused the law (and tax) sector so fundamentally.

There  weren´t necessarily any “pain points” forcing our client to be a “quick follower”, but rather an analytical understanding of its own abilities and market opportunities, and a vision of becoming a market leader in legal tech-based consulting.

Kristian Schilling

«We needed to find someone who could analyze, standardize and implement solid innovations.” says responsible consultant Kristian Schilling

The How: In order to achieve good results on a new position, the everyday, common executive search firm wouldn´t spare any method, no tool, no out-of-the-box thinking. So we didn’t either.

Two researchers along with a hands-on consultant rummage through LinkedIn and such, expand their network, analyze overlapping functions and sectors and, of course, directly ring up the “big names” in the industry.

Long story short: We succeeded in getting rejections but ultimately succeeded in hitting the target.

Our client´s new unit is now led by one of those big names, and we are gradually filling the org-chart with proven leading experts and high potential individuals, enabling our client to stabilize its market-leading position and deliver even better* solutions to its clients and internal stakeholders.   

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